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+ Operator

Returns the sum of the given values. If the values are strings, lists or sequences, their concatenated values are returned.


   ·  [value1]
   ·  [value2]
Zero or more values to sum, all of which must have the same data type.


This operator can be used as a union set operation on selectors when this is the value of an extract member, such as in the following example:

         ·  Select.Selector1
         ·  Select.Selector2

If Selector1 finds zero elements and Selector2 finds one, Selector2 will be extracted. And if Selector2 finds zero elements and Selector1 finds one, Selector1 is extracted. If both selectors find elements, only the one selected by Selector1 is extracted, and if none of them find any elements, nothing is extracted. Note that more than two selectors could be included in the sum, in which case only the first or only element selected by all of the selectors together would be extracted.