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Freelancer needed

Post by BalooBear » Tue Sep 17, 2013 5:01 pm

I'm looking for expert Helium script writers who can take on a few project for me. I have posted one job on but no helium script expertise was found. I would be happy to work direct or work through

Here's the original specification I was looking for...

Helium Scraper Specification
I’m looking for a series of programs to be written to facilitate the following outcome.
I need a daily list of new job openings which is a compilation from multiple unique websites.
There will be one primary program (MAIN) written in any language and several secondary scripts. These secondary scripts are unique to each website (UNIQUE1..n.hsp).
The MAIN program should do the following;
• Read from a database the current list of unique Helium scripts to process
• This database should be editable
• Run each script daily and place ONLY new items into database
• Generate a daily report (via email, xls or other file type) showing ONLY new entries
• Runs as a background process/service (if possible)
• Has robust error handling such that if a UNIQUE script fails it just reports this and continues to process next script
• If a UNIQUE script is taking too long (each UNIQUE script can have a default or custom time up set) it will abort that script and continue processing next script
• Launch UNIQUE scripts such that if enough memory available, they can run concurrently
• Run in windows
The UNIQUE scripts are made so;
• write into the main results database updating any existing listings or appending new listings and skip existing listings
• can be updated by just refining the Helium ‘kinds’, if necessary due to website changes etc.

For this project, I would like the MAIN program, and four unique hsp’s. The four unique.hsp’s are UK, Lawyer job openings from;
1. DLA Piper
a. ... A&SiteId=1
b. Select Locations = All locations, Select Job Families = Fee earner, Find job posted within = Anytime
2. Clifford Chance
a. ... &newlang=1
b. Region = UK, Role = Lawyers – these parameters must be editable from .hsp
3. Freshfields
a. ... p?newms=se
b. Locations = United Kingdom, Job Type = Lawyers
4. Linklaters
a. ... global.asp
b. Office = London

The job elements collected (if they exist) and put into MAIN database
• url of job (for easy access)
• job title
• job id
• job listing date
• job closing date
• job compensation
• job region
• job location
• job office
• job department
• job role
• job description – which is that text specific to the role
• job attachments – if possible
I’m open to suggestions for improved process flow or other ideas for improvements. I want to make sure I can create copies of these unique scripts when I need to add a new website to the list.

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