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Here we will be posting premade Helium Scraper projects and helpful stuff.
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Go through all pages

Post by webmaster » Fri May 06, 2011 6:33 am

This premade is obsolete now as you can use the built in Go Through All Pages action

This premade project contains an actions tree called "Go Through All Pages". When invoked from an "Execute Actions Tree" action, it navigates through all pages in any set of results pages, up to a given maximum, and execute its child nodes in each of them. It is particularly useful when dealing with multiple sets of result pages where the amount of pages in each set is unknown.

You'll need to assign a kind to it that selects the "Next" button (the one you would click to navigate to the next page). You should make sure this kind is working on at least a couple of pages, because if the "Next" button is not found, it will be assumed that this is the last page, instead of generating an error message.

Enjoy! :D
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Juan Soldi
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Re: Go through all pages

Post by dimer » Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:28 pm

Hi Juan,

I have trouble with this premade.

According to the java script line "var kindName = Tree.GetParam("nextButtonKind");"
I should have a kind with the name nextButtonKind, I also did created all other different kind names such as nexyButton, Next Button, Next Button Kind.. etc etc.
Tried all sort of different names but it still returns me an error "Next button kind must be set to a kind" as per script..- it just can not see my created kinds :cry:

Do I need to create my "next button" Kind some how?? or what is a process.

Please help..


Re: Go through all pages

Post by Obaid » Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:40 am

Hey !
Hope you doing great. I am trying to extract data from http://www.personlookup.com.au. But with this premade navigates through all pages and is unable to extract the data. I have called it from another action tree where the extract function is defined. But its not working properly. Can you help me out ?

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