Premade projects: Craigslist / Yellowpages

Here we will be posting premade Helium Scraper projects and helpful stuff.
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Premade projects: Craigslist / Yellowpages

Post by webmaster » Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:33 pm

The attached files are two sample Helium Scraper projects. Can be used to extract data from and

For the Craigslist one you just need to navigate to some Craigslist page where a list of results is shown (such as the one that loads one you just open the project), press play, and Helium Scraper will extract to the Results table information about each post (is configured by default to go through 2 pages of results, extracting a total of 200 posts).

For the YellowPages one, the same. Search for anything and after the page loads press play. Helium Scraper will extract by default 5 pages of results (a total of 150 results) containing the business Name, Phone and Address.

Remember that for both projects you can change the amount of pages to be extracted by double clicking on the "Repeat" action. It is a good idea to test all Kinds before running the extraction since the structure of the pages to be extracted could have changed since the project was created, which could cause the data to be extracted not to be recognized by Helium Scraper. If this happens you can let us know by posting a response to this post and we will update the files as soon as possible.
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