MP3 not downloaded correctly

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MP3 not downloaded correctly

Post by mehdi » Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:06 pm

Hi, this is a HS bug, but not really. It is more a IE one. Let me explain.
I have to scrap a website, including links to mp3. I have to download the actual links (by ticking download checkbox of course).
When I run the scarper, I managed to have the files downloaded to appropriate folders, but no Player is able to read them.
I tried then to download the files manually, by streaming (autoplay) and Save as to the disk. Here are the results;:

Streaming : it works both on Firefox and IE
Downloading files by "Save Target As..." : files are usable and I can listen to them if I save them by Firefox, but not usable through IE

So now I know the problem on IE. Please anyone know how to fix it ?

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