Selecting One Item from Dropdown

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Selecting One Item from Dropdown

Post by jdrizz » Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:46 am

I need to be able to extract the price for only 1 item of a drop down menu.

There are two kinds.
"PRICE" and "dropdown". The "PRICE" kind needs to be the price for the specific item in the "dropdown" list

There are four actions.
"TEST URL" action stores the url that we want to extract a price from.
"Select Option" action selects the option in the dropdown kind based on a variable named gvITEMNO which stores a number being which number the item is in the list. 1 being the 1st in the list, 2 being 2nd in the list, etc.
"Main" action executes the "Select Option" Action, waits 1000 milliseconds and then tries to extract the "PRICE" kind to the gvPRICE variable.
"!RunMe" action opens the "TEST URL" action and then executes the "Main" action.

The problem is on the website the price changes as a different selection is made in the drop down menu, but when the change is made in helium the price doesn't change.

We have tried to use a navigate action but that doesn't work.

We found that we can add the product to the shopping cart and then capture the price, but we want to avoid this because it won't capture the price if the inventory on the website is low.

Please help. We want to extract the price from the page after making the selection in the drop down.
Dropdown Selection script
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