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Freelancer needed

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:51 am
by superdan
Hi everybody,

I am looking for somebody to create a HS template for It's the German yellowpages. I need the following information:

- Name
- Address
- Zip
- City
- Phone number
- Webiste
- Email ( if possible)
- Category (Hotels, Restaurant, Bar etc.)

I need to scrape about 600'000 contacts. So a template would be great so I can just insert the URL's. It needs a page turn function. If possible also a function that inputs keywords like "Hotels" in to the search box automatically.

Please let me know if you can provide me with something like that and how much it will cost.


Re: Freelancer needed

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:29 am
by mehdi
Hi Superdan, have you found a freelancer. If you're still interested please reply back.