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Extract multiple parts of text from a line

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:29 am
by edvukass
Hi I have this text on a website :
15mg tab, 28=£1.19; 100=£4.25.
30mg tab, 28=£1.49; 100=£5.32.
60mg tab, 28=£2.40.

I have managed to extract 3 lines instead of the whole text but i wonder if i could wrap text elements in the line somehow so that i would be able to extract each quantity = price pair into new rows like so:
15mg tab, 28=£1.19
15mg tab, 100=£4.25
30mg tab, 28=£1.49
30mg tab, 100=£5.32
60mg tab, 28=£2.40
Maybe there is some kind of helium premade that wraps elements in the line (something like "force elements into same row")? or maybe javascript gatherer with regular expression? Maybe there is an example on how to do that already?