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Write from database text not recognized.

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:36 am
by bosox040
Hi - I use the "write from database" action to populate search criteria (mostly location) on a website. The correct search criteria shows up in the correct spot thanks to "write from database" action, but the website I am using doesn't recognize any text that comes from this action. However, if type it in, the search return instantly refreshes. For example, there are over 1 million search results and when I type in the location "Boston" without hitting any other action button the search narrows down. When I do this from "write from database", "Boston" correctly shows up corectly, but the search return doesn't change. This probably has more to do with how the website search is called, but I am wondering if any one has any suggestions. Is there a better way to simulate a keyboard? Will take any suggestions. Thanks!