Fills up the input elements selected by the selectors on the selectors list with the corresponding values in the values list. The easiest way to add this action is by using the Fill Form wizard.


   ·  [values]
   ·  [selectors]
   ·  [delay]


The list of values to fill up the elements with.
The list of selectors that select the elements to be filled up. Must either have the same number of items as the values list, or have one more item. In this case, the last item must select the button that submits the form.
The delay to add between filling the form and submitting it.


The elements will be filled up by matching each element selected by each selector in the selectors list with each value in the values list, such that the element selected by the selector at position P is filled up with the value at position P. The only exception to this rule is when the selectors list has an additional selector at the end of the list, which will be used to find the button that submits the form. If no additional selector is provided, and attempt will be made to find and press the form's submit button.